5 Straightforward Ways of Saving Water

 With climate change contributing to water scarcity around the world, it may seem like there’s not much we can do. But there are ways we can save water.

While about 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered with water, less than 1 percent is usable freshwater. Despite this small percentage, there is still enough water to produce food for everyone in the world. But this resource is vital, and must be treated as such. So what can we do as individuals—as well as communities—to use water in smarter ways?

5 straightforward ways of saving water

1. Shorter showers

The most water-wasting activity in your home is probably showering. Try turning off the water while shampooing your hair or shaving, and reducing the time you spend in the shower.

2. Use rainwater in the garden

During the summer, it’s important to keep your plants hydrated. Some gardeners use a watering can, while others might leave a sprinkler running all day (bad). However, you shouldn’t use drinking water—plants are happy with rainwater. You can collect this with a tank and simple guttering system from your garage or carport roof. Or keep a few buckets out when it rains.

3. Use the short flush

Use the short flush if possible to help reduce how much water is wasted.

4. Cut back on car washing

To get the best results for your car, use a bucket of soapy water rather than hosing it down. If you must wash your car during a dry spell, try to do so in the morning or evening when it's not too hot outside.

5. Reuse water

Water is a precious resource. You can reuse the water when washing vegetables by placing a bowl in the sink, then filling it with cold or warm water while you wait for your hot water to come through. When you're finished washing your hands and brushing your teeth, turn off the tap so that more water flows through your faucet.

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