Skinny Tips Without Exercise? Here's the proof!


How to lose weight without exercise?

Yes We Can Lose Weight Without Exercise

Have we ever seen this phenomenon? Of course, we see this phenomenon in many ways, from seeing friends, relatives, and so on. In fact it is true that we can lose weight without having to exercise you know! here's how:

  • Get into the habit of eating low-fat foods
  • Avoid high-sugar foods
  • Cut down on low-nutrient foods
  • Eat vegetables regularly
  • Consuming fruit regularly

Then is there any other way besides the method above? yes, there is another way you can do, which is to do a calorie deficit!

Before discussing a calorie deficit, it's good to know what a calorie is, what if it's excess and what if it's deficient.

Calorie is a unit or value indicating how much energy can be obtained from food and drink. It's easy if it's the amount of energy we get from food or drink. For example, if you eat 100 grams of rice, for example, the 100 grams of rice you eat gives you 129 calories of energy based on a general calorie counter.

Well then how can we lose weight? and how do we gain weight? Well, here is the main point of this explanation, We will lose weight when we are in a state of  Calorie Deficit, it means we eat food or drink that exceeds daily calorie needs, for example your daily calorie needs is equal to 2100 calories, so if you eat less than 2100 calories then that's where a calorie deficit occurs, meaning we eat less than our target calorie needs.

then what to do? 

Surely in the process of losing weight, it is neither difficult nor easy, but losing weight requires a process that is not instant, because in a simple logic we can think, do we become fat or thin instantly? Of course not, everything takes time.

Therefore, urges and advises the public not to be fooled into a quick and instant diet, maybe it will work for you, but you need to know that it is against the nature and natural system in our body. if you really want to lose weight, start to get used to exercising regularly, eat healthy foods and high in nutrients, get enough rest and other things that can support your weight loss program. And lastly, patience is the most important key in the process of losing weight, so be patient in the process, you will definitely see the results one day.

Hopefully useful!


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