The Impact of Social Media and How to Overcome It

Nowadays, social media is a platform that almost everyone has and has. In the use of social media, of course, there are benefits, such as media to stay in touch with old friends and family who are far from where we live. Even the current trend of social media can be a second coffer of income after your regular job. But behind it all there are also negative impacts caused by unwise social media users. The following are the most common impacts:

Negative Impact

Saturated & Stress

The saturation caused by social media is boredom which often leads to mental and mental fatigue. Likewise, the stress that sometimes hits due to seeing pictures or something that can lead to envy, hatred, anger and so on. Even more severe cases can lead to depression and mental stress.

Not Confident

Not confident in yourself often occurs because of lack of confidence in yourself, and this often happens by unwise social media users, always comparing themselves to others, overthinking other people's achievements, or even worse considering themselves itself is useless.

Creating a Thrill

The commotion usually occurs because of confrontations between netizens or between groups, arguing, berating each other, slandering and so on. This noisy phenomenon is not very nice to happen on social media, especially if the commotion was carried out in real life.

The 3 things above are an example of an unwise use of social media that can harm yourself and others. Then how to overcome the bad effects of social media? here are some tips from us:

Tips to Avoid the Bad Effects of Social Media

Limit Social Media Use

Using social media for too long can certainly cause boredom and waste our time, therefore we must limit its use, either by limiting the time we use the application or turning off the cellphone.

Avoid Consuming Negative News, Hoaxes And The Like

Negative news and the like can make you stressed, angry, emotional or even depressed. This is certainly not good for you, for example, you are happy later because you use social media and see negative news, your mood is damaged and destroyed. You can avoid negative news, hoaxes and the like by not following untrusted news sources, unclear account accounts, sensationalism and so on.

Use Social Media Appropriately

Using social media as necessary is one solution to avoid the bad effects of social media, as necessary in the explanation here is where it is time to use social media, such as seeing news from family, friends, relatives or exchanging messages and asking each other how they are. Or if you do business using social media platforms you can simply monitor business processes and respond to clients, consumers and customers.

Well, those are some tips that we can give to you all to avoid the bad effects of social media, of course everyone has different goals in using social media, some are in business, just a hobby, just to relax, show their identity, work and others. etc. Therefore use wisely the social media you use. Technology can be analogized or likened to a knife, you can use it for things that are positive and make you happy or vice versa. Hope it helps and is useful.

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