These are the habits that can damage hair

Habits Habits that can damage hair – Hair is a beautiful crown given by God to every human being, as well as various types of hair and their respective beauty, therefore we must maintain the beauty that God has given us. has given us all by staying away from these 7 habits of damaging hair, so that hair is always healthy and not damaged.

8 Habits of Damage to Hair

Washing Too Often

Do not wash your hair regularly or rarely

Combing Wet Hair

Wrong Way To Dry Your Hair

Sometimes when we don't have much time, we tend to dry our hair quickly, and this of course requires a tool in the form of a Hair dryer, but did you know? that using a hair dryer too often can cause hair loss and premature baldness. If we want to avoid baldness and hair loss, we should dry hair naturally with a towel by tapping on wet hair until it dries or waiting naturally.

Style Hair By Coloring It

Looking attractive by coloring our hair often makes us feel more confident and happy with the hair color we want, but we must pay attention to the signs because there are some hair dye products with bleaching which can damage our hair pigment.

Wrong Shampooing Products

Every human being has a different condition and hair type. Choosing the wrong shampooing product can cause hair damage, so make sure the shampoo is suitable for each hair condition!

Too Long Sunshine

Vitamin D Deficiency

if we wonder why our hair falls out for no reason, then we need to be aware that there is a possibility of a lack of vitamin D intake in our bodies, therefore fulfill our daily vitamin D needs!

Keeping your hair from getting damaged does take some getting used to, and this habit of course requires patience in living it. Healthy and beautiful hair is the dream of all human beings, women and men, small or adult. therefore we must  maintain the health of each other's hair with the points above.

Hopefully Helpful!

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