What are the healthiest beverages for your health?

I hope you've been doing well since last week!

There is a large selection of drinks, but water is the best choice for most people with access to drinking water: it is calorie-free, and you can find it simply at the nearest tap.

Water provides everything the body needs — pure H2O — to recover fluids lost through metabolism, breathing, sweating and waste disposal. It is the perfect drink to quench your thirst and rehydrate your body.

If you do not add sugar, tea and coffee take second place after water in terms of health.

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Other beverages, such as milk, fruit juices, and low-fat sodas, should be consumed in moderation or limited quantities. Alcohol consumed in moderation may be suitable for some people, but not everyone.

But please, Voyageur Fabulous, refrain from sugary drinks like sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks. These drinks give you a surge of energy from which you will descend very brutally!

How much water do I need?

There are multiple possible estimates of how much water you need. About 15 drinks a day for men and 11 for women can be a general recommendation. Don't overthink. Just drink water and feel good.

Drinks you need to limit your consumption

Drinks packed with sugar are the worst choice; they contain many calories and no other nutrients. Consuming high-sugar drinks can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and gout.

  • There are about 150 calories in a can of soda or fruit punch. Drink one a day without reducing your calorie consumption; you may gain more than 2 kg per year.
  • Sports drinks were created to provide athletes with electrolytes, carbohydrates and fluid during intense workouts of at least an hour. Everyone else they are simply full of calories and sugar.
  • Energy drinks contain as much sugar as sodas. In addition, their caffeine levels will raise your blood pressure. They also contain additives whose long-term health effects are unknown. Avoiding them is the best thing to do with this type of drink.

Your habit of the week

Three times next week, drink water as soon as you wake up as a commitment to drink water throughout the day.

You can also drink coffee or tea. With no added sugar, they can be a healthy choice. For this challenge, we will only count the "Drink Water" habit as progress towards its fulfillment.

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