K-Drama "Crash Course In Romance": Summary and Full Episode Review

Crash Course In Romance


  • Title : Crash Course In Romance
  • Writer: Yang Hee Seung
  • Director: Yoon Je Won
  • Genres : Education, Romace
  • Episode : 16
  • Duration : 1 hour 10 Minutes
  • Casts : Jung Kyung Ho, Jang Do Yeon, Roh Yoon Seo
  • Aried : 14 January 2022 – 5 March 2022


This drama involves the story of a great teacher who becomes the prima donna among mothers who are looking for the best course to get to SKY universities, namely Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University. To get into college must be the best Student and have perfect scores in every subject.

Crash Course In Romance Full Episodes

Episode 5

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Episode 1-4

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Drama Review

Every night in Korea, when it's 10 pm the streets in Yeoksamdong, SamseongDong, and Dongokdong are packed with parents of students who pick them up at study courses which have become a daily agenda for students there to get lessons. So that entrance to university runs smoothly.

Choi Chi Yeol is one of the private teachers who has the most popular classes and to enter Chi Yeol's class he has to queue long because this is a fierce battle between parents to get the front seat.

Choi Chi Yeol has a great trick in solving every problem related to learning mathematics. Even in 10 minutes he teaches can make billions of money with a short formula from his book.

He has a loyal assistant, Ji Dong Hui, who helps him in making live online classes and posting them all over social media with followers, especially from among the most students and beating other private teachers who belittle him.

However, Choi Chi Yeol has insomnia and even bulimia which makes him vomit all food due to frequent work and prolonged stress due to trauma from the suicide cases that happened to his students.

Since that incident, it's been 3 years that he hasn't been able to overcome it. even every night, he has to experience nightmares and hallucinations every time a student likes him, even though their goal is only to reward them for having made their ranking rise dramatically.

Meanwhile Nam Hae Seong is a former national athlete who has to give up on his dream because he has to take care of his abandoned nephew. He then continued his mother's business, namely managing healthy food catering without flavouring, named the nation's best Banchan.

The food they sell is very popular among parents and students and only this food can make Chio Chi Yeol eat heartily. It turns out that Chi Yeol used to be depressed because his problem was that his mother made food for free to Nam Hae Seong. After that it made him feel touched and then he remembered the taste of the food until now.

On the other hand, Nam Hae Seong's nephew, namely Nam Hae E is a smart student without any help from others, but because he has a deficiency in mathematics he always ranks second, Nam Hae E wants to enter Choi Chi Yeol's class but due to lack of money he is prevented that intention.

But her aunt always had the best way to meet all her needs, even she was willing to become a mother at a young age. And this is where the romance between Nam Hae Seong and Choi Chi Yeol begins.

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