K-Drama "Fanta G Spot": Summary and Full Episode Review

Fanta G Spot


  • Title : Fanta G Spot
  • Writer: Lee Do Yeon
  • Director: Yoon Ra Young
  • Genres : Romance
  • Episode : 10
  • Duration : 40 Minutes
  • Casts : Ha ni, Bae Won Hee, Park Sun Ho,Choi Kwang Rok
  • Aried : 23 December 2022 - 13 January 2023


This is about a woman's fantasy about different experiences during intercourse when she is with her partner. This story is too shy to share because there is a perception that it must be kept a secret. But there are many Women want to know if sharing about this information can be useful in making variations to reach peaks in satisfaction.

Fanta G Spot Full Episodes

Episode 7

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Episode 1-6

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Drama Review

The background of the project carried out by Hee Jae (Hani) and Mina (Bae Woo Hee) who are ordinary employees in the film industry. She will be given a project that addresses how to express women's fantasies on the radio every week.

Every woman is advised to choose a schedule for intercourse so that they can achieve their G Spot. As listeners to the first stories brought by the audience, many of them don't want to be tied up in complicated relationships, even Korean women choose to go on blind dates just for the need to relate.

She and her partner before starting they would watch a wik-wik movie together to get stimulated. When it was the middle of the film and the man had started to react, they were just use 3 positions monotonous which is made the woman fake pleasure and even turned into the main character following the plot of the film, after then they also finished When the film ends.

This drama focuses on describing details related to mature matters. So, for kids under the age, don't watch this.

Hee Jae has been dating for 5 years, but he is never satisfied. He faked then explaining about the problem and He purposely bought some tools to play with. However, her boyfriend felt uncomfortable and they broke up.

Hee Jae then tells Mina about her problems, she is very surprised to hear that because, they have had wik-wik hundreds of times without reaching a climax. Then she met writer In Chan and decided to date.

Mina is so skilled that she even has a special collection to turn into her fantasy and she only gets involved with Woo Jae who is her partner.

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