Increase Your Body's Immune System by 6 Effective Tips, Must Read!

The immune system Of Human Body

Tips to Increase Body Immune

In these uncertain times, where the health of the body is a very expensive thing, it is time for us to take care of it. However, do not let your intention of wanting to be healthy instead result in a sick body, such as excessive exercise, causing leg cramps and so on. Therefore, maybe there is nothing wrong with you reading this article about tips to increase your body's immune system properly, so that it is what you take to make your body fit and get the desired results.

Actually what is body’s Immune ?

Maybe you have heard questions like the one above, or even asked yourself.

immune system of body which is calls body protection the same that is the ability possessed by cells or other biological structures in the body to protect the body from attacks or disturbances by pathogens, viruses and other bad micro-organisms.

The body's Immune will destroy any of these intruders, so that our bodies do not get sick in the long term.

Tips to increase Immune of Body so you do not get sick easily :

In the text Above we have already mentioned what immunity is, now we will go deeper. What are some things that can boost immunity? To answer these questions, here are some tips to increase immunity :

  1. The first tip, please eat enough, do notaccumulate too many calories and fat, because that can actually be a new problem for health. Eat more vegetables and fruit proportionally, because these 2 types of food contain lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.
  2. The second tip to increase body immunity that can be done is with enough exercise. Please do only light sports, for example gymnastics or aerobic combination exercises at home or other place, for example for this exercise movement 10-15 minutes, then to warm up and cool down 10-15 minutes, so a total of approximately 30 minutes of exercise at home.
  3. The next tip, please drink enough water, about 2 liters usually. Don't drink too much water, otherwise you will become dehydrated, as a result the metabolic system in your body can be disrupted. So please make sure you drink enough and do not lack water.
  4. Another effort that can be made to increase the body's immunity is to bask in the morning sun every day. Basking in the morning sun can increase the production of vitamin D in the body.
  5. Another tip that can be done to increase immunity is by sharing negative information that enters your brain, by not paying too much attention to negative information whether it comes to your WA group or to news sites that you usually visit, reading bad news excessively it will only add to the mental burden and increase anxiety, so one must be observant in choosing information.
  6. The next tip, please get enough rest every day, do not get too little sleep or oversleep, it will only make you fast and have difficulty concentrating when working, and the worst thing is a decrease in body immunity.

It is easy enough not to increase the body's immunity, what needs to be done is only intention and action, because intention is not enough.

The intention is indeed the first step, but without the execution of the intention it is only a discourse, that means increasing the body's immunity is only a discourse in the midst of this pandemic.

That was an article that discussed tips on how to increase the body's immunity during a pandemic or after a pandemic that can be done, of course, so that the body stays healthy, stays healthy and ready for activities every day. That's all for this article, I hope this is useful and see you again in the next post.

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