K-Drama "Island": Summary and Full Episode Review



  • Title : Island
  • Writer: Kwon Ki Young
  • Director: Bae Jong
  • Genres : Horror, Fantasy
  • Episode : 6
  • Duration : 1 Hour 15 Minutes
  • Casts : Kim Nam Gil, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Dae Hee
  • Aried : 30 December 2021 - 13 January 2023


A legendary about the truth of story behind Tamra Island which is the existence of the Demon Lust that was obtained from the chaos between gods and humans. And to overcome the destruction a Monk had to find 46 children to be used as guinea pigs to gain strength by creating half-demon human children.

Island Full Episodes

Island season 2 Episode 7-12

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Episode 1-6

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Drama Review

In the past, Wo Min Ho (Lee Dae Hee) was born as a child with the fate of a savior soul who could balance the power of devils, but because of that soul many demons would murder her because they could not stand the pull that could make devils become brutal.

But in the past, to release that power, there was a mission that had to be completed, but Wo Min Ho was already accidentally stabbed by Van's sword, then finally killed and there are many Devil possessions in Tamra, and now known as JeJu Island, which is beautiful and full of mystery.

Wo Min Ho comes from a rich family but he was framed by his aunt, so that the stocks fell and lost his father's trust in inheriting the company. Afterthat to calm the public from the many blasphemy that came she had to return to Jeju Island to become a temporary teacher there.

But while in Jeju she was chased by demons and finally met Van who can kill demons. Van is a child who has mixed blood between a Devil and a human and has been trained since childhood as a Demon Slayer.

Many devils have died at his hands, then were buried on a hill in an old Guest House . Van and Wo Min Ho have been born as a bond of Destiny that will open the Gate of the World. But it's not easy because Wo Min Ho doesn't remember anything that happened in the past.

The devil has become more ferocious since the opening of Wo Min Ho's Soul. Initially, knowing that his secretary had betrayed Wo Min Ho, he immediately fired him, but the secretary tried to get possessed by the Demon of Lust, which crossed his dirty mind and finally attacked Wo Min Ho.

Wo Min Ho was so scared he even immediately bought a ticket to return to Seoul but was prevented by his uncle because he was deliberately sent to Jeju Island to complete the mission which was a mandate from the previous monk.

For this reason, his uncle deliberately call out the great pastor John who had handled several victims who had a good record in the world of exorcism. John is of Korean descent, here he will research and even collect evidence to find ways to treat and open Wo Min Ho's soul so that it can be protected. He will be introduced to be his uncle's nephew.

Because of that pastor John would be part of a plan that had been drawn up a long time ago. Pastor John has no fear because since childhood he has had divine grace and even he can't wait to meet Van who is his main target.

Meanwhile, there is Goong Tan who has the same power as Van, but turns to attack because he is hurt to see Van Killing Wo Min Ho, even Goong Tan has a childhood trauma that made him have to be sacrificed, he even hates himself for having devil blood.

Meanwhile Wo Min Ho makes a contract with Van without realizing that Van is the most dangerous Demon Man for him.

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