7 Advantage of Morning Sunlight Everyday for Body Health

Morning sunlight

The Benefits of Morning Sunlight for Health

If you are looking for information about the Advantage of sunlight for humans or eyes, then you have got the right article. Because in this article, we will share the various benefits of morning sunlight that should be known. Therefore, please follow this article until it is finished.

Since ancient times, the morning sun has been believed for generations to be good for health, even in some areas in Indonesia, small children who are still being carried are often taken out by their mothers in the morning to sunbathe for a while.

Before we discuss further about the advantageousness of what is in the morning sun, we should first know what the ingredients are in the morning sun. It turns out that morning sunlight contains a lot of UV (Ultra Violet) Radiation.

The benefits of morning sunlight for human health

That was the content in the morning sun, We will immediately reveal the benefits that can be obtained when basking in the morning sun. Here are some of the benefits of basking in the morning sun:

  1. The first, when we sunbathing in the morning sun that can be felt right away is the blood pressure drops, this happens because of the blood vessels in the body will dilate to their maximum limit when you are under the morning sun. Lowering blood pressure will result in lighter heart performance. So, sunbathing in the morning is also good for the heart.
  2. Another benefit that can be reaped when basking in the morning sun is to improve the quality of sleep at night, this happens because the morning sun helps the body produce the hormone melatonin. These hormones are good for the body and keep the body away from insomnia.
  3. when basking it will help bone health improves, this is due to the increased performance of vitamin D (because its formation is stimulated by the morning sun), vitamin D will help the body absorb calcium both for bones and other needs.
  4. Exposure to the morning sun on the surface of the skin can also bring back the good mood, this is inseparable from the role of the morning sun in triggering the body to produce the hormone serotonin, which is the hormone that plays a role in bringing about a good, pleasant mood, so it's no wonder that the atmosphere your heart becomes stable after sunbathing.
  5. In a study initiated by David Llewellyn, a neuroscientist from the University of Cambridge, it was stated that the cognitive function of a person over 65 years old will decrease if the amount of vitamin D in the body is less than 1700, therefore basking in the morning sun may improve performance brain.
  6. In addition to the various benefits above, it turns out that basking in the morning sun will also help heal the skin from various diseases, such as eczema, fungus, wound healing, removing scars, and various other benefits for the body's skin.
  7. The next, bathing of the morning sun is that it boosts the human immune system, on the one hand the morning sun will suppress an overactive immune system, such as when a person has an auto-immune disease, on the other hand it also increases the overall body's immunity, as shown by increased production vitamin D when the skin is exposed to the morning sun.

Those were the various benefits that can be obtained by sunbathing in the morning, so can sunbathing in the morning make your skin tone became black?

Maybe that is your question, if so, then the answer is no, of course this is with a note, the duration of basking in the morning sun must be considered.

In the morning, the content of Ultraviolet A or B rays is still small, so this is what makes the skin not black when sunbathing in the morning.

For those who are already black, sunbathing in the morning will be healthier than during the day. 

So, those were the various benefits of morning sunlight that you can get when sunbathing. Hopefully after reading this article, there are good things that you can get. Then if you find this article useful, please share it on the social media that you follow, so that more people can get a good impact. That's all, greetings of success and see you again in another post.

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