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Yuhuu, for my lovely fans of Mimin's channel, I want to hold a Give Away which is gives Rp. 2000,000 for 10 selected people that participate in my Channels.

But it's not easy huh!

You have to stay on this channel and provide support to Mimin, the method is to read every article post every day, at least 5 of the newest articles here. For the winner who manages to pass this hurdle, Mimin will give attractive prizes which of course can make you shop.

Every day you are required to take a photo of the date and the articles you read, at least 3 articles.

If you read good news articles about Drakor or other articles that are available so that you are enthusiastic, Admin will make you earn money. but if you can provide photo evidence reading more than (3 articles), the highest prize money will be 200,000. Well, but when the admin contacts you and only gets the lowest money (2 articles), you can get Rp. 50,000.

The Reward Of Give Away :

  1. Prize  = Rp. 200,000 - Read Articles News Minimal (3)
  2. Prize  = Rp. 100,000 - Read Articles Korean Update Minimal (2)
  3. Prize  = Rp. 50,000 - Read Article In The Website Minimal (1)

Before going further to read the rules, Mimin wants to explain the meaning of Give Away:

The Give Away program is an event motivated by a group of companies whose goal is to make the event more interesting with prizes that can attract other people because they are given free of charge through several advertising sponsors.

For more details, by making the event run, there must be cooperation to make a product more known, commonly referred to as contemporary marketing techniques.

For that, everything must be in accordance with the conditions, here the admin will only take it from the admin subscriber.

This event aims to make everyone have fun. Remember this event has no official fees. The admin will not contact him personally because there will be a special group for notifications of who has been able to get the money. For that, don't be fooled if someone acts on behalf of this event. Because all this is free without any other costs.

And remember the Admin will not contact you personally on WA/Telegram.

For that, Mimin wants to thank you, because you have been loyal to the admin channel, even though sometimes the update admin likes to change channels because to avoid being warned by Telegram. And in the future the admin will be even more enthusiastic about uploading Korean dramas that have just asked according to the platform, hehehe.

The channel that admin uses is only on Korean channels, there are no other channels. The problem is a lot of thieves and plagiarism. Not really. Even though you can get the Drakor on the website.

Those of you who like to ask Mimin's schedule just want to say that Korean dramas are only updated 2 times a week. Subscribe to the admin channel, slebew...

And it is Freeee !

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