K-Drama "The Glory": Summary and Full Episode Review

The Glory


  • Title : The Glory
  • Writer: Kim Eun Sook
  • Director: Ahn Gil Ho
  • Genres : Thriller, Drama, Melodrama
  • Episode : 9
  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Casts : Song Hye kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Seung Hoon
  • Aried On: 30 December 2022


The story of revenge occurs during at school because of the many burns received by Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo). She was insult, abused, tortured and even had her entire body crushed with hair straighteners in her life with scars both mental and physical.

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Drama Review

In the beginning her school life was fine but since the death of Yoon So Hee who was the first bullying victim died, she became the next victim because Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) hates to look at her eyes because she finds out So Hee being pushed up on the building.

Several years later, Moon Dong Eun is now 36 years old and ready for the revenge that has been planned for 18 years. Despite trying to report to the police even to the homeroom teacher Moon Dong Eun never got justice.

Even his own mother got herself kicked out of school for being bribed by the parents of Park Yeon Jin who even had direct connections to the police and his friends like Jeon Jae Joon are very wealthy who will inherit his father's golf company.

Moon Dong Eun said that her dream is to live like Park Yeon Jin, who is now famous as a weather reporter, even has a harmonious family and a beautiful daughter.

Moon Dong Eun deliberately scared Park Yeon Jin even for a short time by becoming a teacher at the kindergarten where her daugther attended school. sHe is willing to learn about how to play Go to destroy the opponent's territory and even lured the husband of his enemy to make his plan work.

Meanwhile Jeon Jae Joon did not know that he had a daughter as a result of his affair who had the genetic color blind offspring he had so far. Then he'll break up the marriage to get custody of her real father.

One by one they started to get karma, starting from Son Myeong Ho who was killed because he was greedy to take advantage of the information he got because he had a large monetary value, then Lee Sara who had the image of a priest's daughter who was innocent but had a wild life full of drugs. Then last, Choi Hye Joong who comes from a poor family who dreams of marrying a rich widower even though all this time she has been like a prostitute.

Everything went smoothly, even though Moon Dong Eun's life was destroyed she still had friends who helped her like Kang's maid, Gu Seong Hui, even her first love Joo Yoo Jeong who became her teacher in the game of go.

Joo Yoo Jeong has a complicated life, He even planning to kill the perpetrator who stabbed her father to death when saving a psychopathic patient who had wanted to destroy her.

But he kept it a secret and still helped Moon Dong Eun. He is a professional doctor who initially cared about her patient. because she was suffering from anemia and malnutrition which made her slowly develop feelings for her. But Moon Dong Eun wasn't interested because she rarely even smiled for fear of forgetting her past anger and falling in love.

However, he has to compete with Han Do Yeong who deliberately trapped himself to find out the truth of his wife Park Yeon Jin's lies and also he hates when lose his child. Han Do Yeong is the heir to a wealthy construction company who has high self-esteem.

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