"The Interest Of Love": Summary and Full Episode Review

The Interest Of Love


  • Title : The Interest Of Love
  • Writer: Lee Hyeok Jin
  • Director: Jo Young Min
  • Genres : Romance, Melodrama
  • Episode : 16
  • Duration : 1 Hour 10 Minutes
  • Casts : Moon Ga Young, Yoon Yoo Seok
  • Aried : 21 December 2022 - 9 February 2023


This Drakor tell about love story in the Bank area between fellow employees of the KCU of the Korean branch who already have many customers from various backgrounds who have a strategic location near the 50 years old Yeongpo traditional market.

The Interest Of Love Full Episodes

Episode 15

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Episode 1-14

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Drama Review

This is where the romance of Ha Sang Su (Yoon Yoo Seok) begins. He has a careless nature and even makes big mistakes by overdrawing money and always left behind other employees. But he also cares and gentleman.

but now, he started to like his job because of the help from Ahn Su Yeong who slowly taught him the basics of making calculations. When he became a new junior bank employee who provided services.

Meanwhile, Ahn Su Yeong has been working in this branch for a long time but until now cannot move up the ranks to get a placement at the center, even though she has excellent work performance. But, she has many complaints from customers because she is not sensitive to certain situations.

Ahn Su Yeong is only a high school graduate but she has nicknamed the Bank fairy she get lots of compliments but his office mates often gossip about her because never got a transfer even though he is a senior employee. Then, there is a new employee Park Mi Gyeong with Postgraduate and also from rich family who took all the clients she had handled so far.

Park Mi Gyeong even said that she likes Han Sang Su. She is ready to compete and even approaches, invites to eat and then accompanies him when he is sad because he was rejected by Ahn Su Yeong who chose to date a bank security guard Jung Jong Hyeon (Jung Garam).

Ahn Su Yeong was not interested in dating and there was a misunderstanding that made them far away, even though they had previously spent time together on Jeju Island and even watched movies. She made Boundaries even act like a bad Woman.

She has a lot of discriminatory pressures just because she graduated from high school which made him ostracized and can only accept customers from ordinary people, even though his qualifications for work are extraordinary, to be in this position is very difficult compared to having to work part time. Ahn Su Yeong chooses to harbor all problems alone.

Therefore, it is difficult to open her heart, she will reject all men who will only be a burden because for herself she needs more emotional, since the death of her brother she has only felt lonely and sad because she has to be responsible for supporting herself.

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