About Us

Lifehealthy.in is an online technology news portal that was born without the support of a media group corporation.

Lifehealthy.in which is abbreviated as HZ, with the aspiration to become a media belonging to the entire community and only work for the public interest. Technology is present as an alternative media, and a complement to mainstream media, which is intended for people who are spread across the country and abroad.

Lifehealthy.in carries a distinctive journalistic tradition, namely: critical, balanced and independent. Critical means, present to “remind” , but still prioritize fair coverage and cover both sides, as well as maintain the freedom and independence of the news room.

As a portal, lifehealthy.in will not sacrifice balance to pursue actuality. News that is conveyed to the public is also not only based on market tastes, but based on agenda setting that is considered to encourage public intelligence.

As an independent media, all shareholders and parties who provide assistance to lifehealthy.in are expressly and clearly given a line of demarcation or separation, will not interfere and interfere with editorial policies.

The independence of the news room was put in place and then built on the principle of journalism that only serves the public interest as mandated by the Press Law Number 40 of 1999.